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A summary of entry requirements for foreign national tourists:

Japan is now OPEN for tourists

However there are more requirements, some restrictions and additional paperwork required. General individual tourism is still not allowed.

Entry Requirements from 10th June 2022:

  • Foreign tourists for short-term stays (less than 3 months) can apply for visas to enter Japan
  • You must apply for a short-term tourist visa at your Japanese Embassy / Consulate prior to departure for Japan.  The usual Visa Exemption Arrangements have been suspended for the time being i.e. “Visa on Arrival” arrangements are not possible at this time) 
  • Tourists must be on an approved package tour (currently no individual / general tourism is allowed).  They must get an invitation from a Japanese travel agency and receive an ERFS (Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System) registration certificate. 
  • All tourists require a negative PCR COVID-19 test taken up to 72 hours prior to their departure for Japan. 
  • All tourists must also download mobile phone applications that enable health tracking and contact tracing:
    • MySOS: Health and Location Monitoring App
    • COCOA: COVID-19 Contact Confirming App 
  • Tourists can use the Visit Japan Web web service for quarantine, immigration and customs procedures.  This allows faster customs procedures upon arrival in Japan (for example, you can input your negative PCR test certificate into electronic format).
  • Arrival countries are separated into three groups: BLUE, YELLOW, RED (full list of countries: )
    • BLUE (for both fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated travellers): “On-arrival test” not required, quarantine not required.  Current blue countries: Most of Western Europe, some Eastern Europe; USA/Canada; Australia/New Zealand; most of Asia; most of South America; some African countries
    • YELLOW (If fully vaccinated): “On-arrival test” not required, quarantine not required
    • YELLOW (If not fully vaccinated): “On-arrival test” required, 3 day home self-isolation quarantine required
    • RED: (for both fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated travellers): “On-arrival test” required, 3 day home self-isolation quarantine required
  • Daily entrants into Japan is capped at 20,000 people in total
*Disclaimer: This information is updated as often as possible.  It may not totally accurately reflect the exact Japan border control situation; please visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Services) website for official information. 

Skilas Japan News

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